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Ask Us Anything About Drupal 10

Still not on Drupal 10?

Join us for a FREE AMA webinar with Promet’s Drupal
development and training teams, and get a FREE Estimation* regardless of your path to D10. 

*Estimations are provided based on site information supplied by the requestor. A full site audit will be required to receive a quote for Promet Source migration and/or upgrade assistance.

Tuesday, Dec 12, 11am EST

Learn what is behind the latest release of Drupal 10 that enhances user experiences!

+ what’s new with Drupal 10?
+ who will benefit from Drupal 10?
+ what does a Drupal 10 upgrade entail?
+ why is it time to upgrade?

Get need-to-know info from Promet’s Top Drupal Experts 


Join us on Tuesday, December 12, 10:00am CST/ 11:00 a.m. EST.

Bring Your Questions


John Lutz

Senior Drupal Developer
Promet Source


Rod Martin

Drupal Instructor
Promet Source


Ashley Burns

Account Manager
Promet Source