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Build an inclusive digital world 

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Use our free audit template to ensure that all potential accessibility issues are found in your website.

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 According to Seyfarth, more than 11,400 people filed an ADA Title III lawsuit in 2021.

 5,930 of these filings were from California.

  2,774 were from New York.

 1,054 were from Florida.

 The number of lawsuits have been increasing each year, with only 2020 showing a slight drop of 1%.

 But more than being a legal issue, accessibility is an ethical issue.

 Those who cannot make use of your website due to accessibility issues are effectively locked out of information they could need.

 We at Promet Source believe in building an inclusive digital world. With our audit template, you have a reliable guide to perform a thorough accessibility test for your website.

 This template is developed by our accessibility experts, for you to use for free.

Detect the full spectrum of WCAG 2.2 non compliance issues.

Both automated and manual testing are essential components for Promet Source’s web accessibility audit process.

This template from Promet reflects WCAG 2.2 guidelines for use by accessibility analysts and developers to detect errors missed by automated testing, which are also the issues that tend to have the greatest likelihood of exposing site owners to ADA accessibility lawsuits.

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Manual accessibility testing goes deeper and wider than automated scans and includes:

  Keyboard testing
  Color contrast testing
  Screen reader testing
  Link testing
 Tables and forms testing
 Cognitive testing
 Mobile testing


Jessica Tenuta

"Promet's team does a great job creating a very organized report that goes page by page of your app, describing the issue, corresponding issue code in the WCAG standards, priority level, and remediation tips if it is unclear from the standards."

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Jessica Tenuta

Promet Source is dedicated to helping you get it right with accessibility compliance.
We develop dynamic web solutions to optimize your positive impact within the ever-evolving digital environment.
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Receive Your Free Accessibility Audit Template

  Websites are constantly evolving and often serve as the primary point of engagement for customers and constituents.
  A top-of-mind focus on accessibility and WCAG 2.2 compliance ensures inclusive online experiences that serve users of all abilities.